I have seen girls who once bowed their head in shame now hold their head high…

Women Like Us Foundation supports women’s leadership for Gender Equality and Social Justice in the areas of Sex Trafficking, Homelessness and Education.  It is the purpose of our blogs to create awareness of the work of women and the impact they are making on the world.


Preying on Innocence

Deb Myers

Knowing that teen pregnancy and suicide have skyrocketed propels me forward to fight for them…One Girl at a Time.

We're thinking about you!

We’re thinking about you!

I have often been called an advocate for teen girls. I love that label; however, I am truly an advocate for ALL women. I believe a woman’s strength, compassion, and ability to find the best in people enables females to empower one another. For so long now, we have been, in a sense, brainwashed. We have allowed the media and workplace to determine our personal sense of self-worth. We have been programmed to believe that pink is our color of choice. We have been told that we can become nurses, but not doctors.

We have digested the misconception that we must all aesthetically emulate supermodels to be seen as beautiful. Though I believe our society has sought to make strides for the benefit of the female, in many ways we have not. I come from a generation where leading career opportunities

were left for men, despite the fact that a household required two incomes to forge ahead. There’s a silent understanding that the mother will take care of the family, support her husband as head of the household, and be successful in her career, as well. For generations, we have battled this expectation of the modern female, while also facing societal struggles of idealistic stereotyping.

Effecting Even One Girl Makes a Difference…

Deb Myers is the National Director of Women Like Us Foundation One Girl at a Time Program

Deb Myers is the National Director of Women Like Us Foundation One Girl at a Time Program

I started the One Girl at a Time Program because I knew one thing for sure: If I started with one, that would create impact, and that would help her to be strong and raise her children to be wise and empowered. And if that grew to thousands, how wonderful would that be? I have seen

young women who once bowed their head in shame and guilt soon hold their chin high, because they realized they had a gift. They had experiences they could share, love to give and arms to hold those who needed them. We all need this—we just need to learn the power it has to created change.

So many of our young women in One Girl at a Time have said, “I am only me.” But by focusing on them as amazing already, by offering them the tools to make good decisions, their confidence flourishes. These confident young women lead. They fight for justice. They dream bigger and they believe they can have impact to better the world. Why? Because we, as role models who simply can, cared enough about them to

uplift them, to share what we know and pass it along. Girls have said to me, “I never knew so many girls were stressed out like me and had the pressures I do; so many have problems at home or have faced the hardships I have. I understand I am not alone. I don’t want this program to be over.”

I say to them, “Oh, honey, it’s not over: it’s just beginning.” Teach our young women their strengths and they will take flight. Enable them to be brave and bold and it will cause a ripple effect on the world in all areas of need. We have to fight for our youth. Sex trafficking in the United States is just below drug sales as the most profitable criminal activity. Knowing that teen pregnancy and suicide have skyrocketed propels me forward to fight for them… One Girl at a Time!

Deb Myers is the National Director of the One Girl at a Time Program for the Women Like Us Foundation.  Learn how you can get involved in Indianapolis in this program and help make a difference in teen girls lives right here in the community.

http://www.womenlikeusfoundation.org    deb@womenlikeusfoundation.org

Five Different Homes by Age 7

Women Like Us Foundation supports women’s leadership for Gender Equality and Social Justice in the areas of Sex Trafficking, Homelessness and Education.  It is the purpose of our blogs to create awareness of the work of women and the impact they are making on the world.

One Girl at a Time Program

Five Different Foster Homes by Age 7

Kayla was born to a mother who was a drug addict and who didn’t know who Kayla’s father was. There were three other children in the family, all growing up with Kayla in an abusive environment. Soon the young siblings were split up between other family members who weren’t invested in their well-being and eventually Children’s Services sent them to various foster homes.

Kayla herself lived with five different families by the time she was 7. She was troubled and had given up on anyone caring about her. Feeling unloved, Kayla felt her life would never have meaning. Then miraculously, a young couple with two other children decided to foster her. Upon hearing Kayla’s story and getting to know her, they soon adopted her siblings as well and they all thrived.

Mentoring Making the Difference

1432744361484When Kayla entered the One Girl at a Time Program she was part of that new wonderful family but she still was very lost, unconfident, and confused. As she got involved in the program, she began to find a way to move forward in her life, believing in herself and going after dreams, knowing that achieving them was possible. Not only does she have confidence now and the tools to make good life decisions, but she also has hope.

Through the learning Kayla gained in the program workshops on leadership skills and career guidance, she now holds her head high. The mentoring she received from the volunteers who truly got to know her led Kayla to understanding her inner beauty and her importance to society.

Giving Back to Other Teens and A Bright Future

On her own, inspired by volunteering with One Girl at a Time, Kayla started a group who collects items for homeless teens. She is now an honor student and has finished AP classes. Kayla graduated from high school last year and was accepted to several colleges where she received scholarships.

When Deb Myers, the National Director of the One Girl at a Time Program, saw her before she went to college, Kayla said to her “Thanks for believing in me and loving me. Please know that it is because of this program and all the wonderful people who helped that I am where I am today. Honestly, I didn’t think I would live this long and now I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.”

Behind the Scenes

One Girl at a Time is an incredible program that the Women Like Us Foundation is proud to bring to our communities. Deb Myers, also the President of the Board of Directors, started the program in 2011 with Linda Rendleman, the CEO and Co-founder of the Women Like Us Foundation. After Deb joined the organization, she was asked where she thought she would be most valuable. Deb responded with “Let’s start young”, recognizing the tremendous needs of teen girls.

Given the statistic that only one in four girls believes she can turn to an adult if she has a problem, Deb desired to help girls understand the value they hold in society, while connecting with other caring women as role models. One Girl at a Time creates a strong sisterhood of support among the girls and mentors.

As Deb shares, “One of the things I love about this program is creating a sisterhood of support. Bonds between women are a force to be reckoned with. We band together protecting and empowering each other, knowing that we can count on the love and support created together. That’s what true mentoring is all about”. This deeply impacts the girls and leads to life changing results, like with Kayla. It’s through the passion of Deb Myers and the committed mentors and volunteers that the girls in the program thrive.

The program is based on experiential learning, open and encouraging discussions, learning life skills, embracing leadership and creating an environment where interest, care, and concern for the girls are all shown. Deb has numerous success stories about the girls in her program and Kayla’s story is just one of them.

Clearly, One Girl at a Time is making an impact on young women today. To learn more about the One Girl at a Time Program and Deb Myers go to One Girl at a Time.


Blog author Molly Lyda, MA is a Life Coach and Therapist in Los Angeles, who supports women in finding balance and purpose in their lives through her program Intimacy 101: Create the Life You Want. She enjoys volunteering with the Women Like Us Foundation and working to make a difference in all women’s lives. http://www.MollyLyda.com



Blessed and Grateful – Deb Myers

Women Like Us Foundation acknowledges the need for better prepared and educated youth within our own communities. Through the One Girl at a Time program, these high school girls can become our partners and serve as future committed and engaged women in making a substantial difference in all of our futures. These participants will also realize that they can be good will ambassadors for the United States, while becoming culturally literate of the world in which they live

A Message from Deb Myers— National Director of One Girl at a Time 

UnknownBlessed and Grateful. As we wrap up our 2015 One Girl at a Time season, I can’t help but reflect on how blessed we all are. This year has proven to be one where I know and appreciate the impact that we not only made on our many underserved teen girls in our One Girl at a Time Program, but the impact they have had on me, the people of our team, and those we met along the way. We have had such a tremendous and positive effect in the lives of thousands of young women; in reflection, it is truly emotional and humbling. Thank you to all of those who have enabled The Women Like Us Foundation to continue to support women and girls, create awareness, and change lives for the better!

I want you to know that our teen girls were directly impacted by your efforts! I want you to know that because of this program and those who support it, we have helped educate and guide the path of these girls to be informed, healthy, and happy. ALL of the girls surveyed confirmed that they are more confident, understand their value to society, and intend to become leaders in their community to impact change and growth. Every single one of the girls understands the importance of their education, giving back, and the effect of the decisions they make today.

This year the One Girl at a Time youth participated in workshops and mentoring sessions that aimed to inform and enrich their lives as young women. Our girls today are battling such difficult pressures and obstacles; these mentoring programs give tools, skills, and strengths to cope. Girls Night In introduced the girls to professionals in the areas of Gender in the Media, Bullying, Healthy Coping Skills, and Human Trafficking Awareness. On Career Day the girls visited Fagre Baker Daniels Law Firm where they met successful women who had also come from difficult backgrounds, not much different than their own. Girls also attended Indiana Reparatory Theatre and Dinner, which gave them an experience that our underserved girls would not normally have. This past winter the girls participated in Outreach, Inc. where they learned about the life of homeless teens, and helped gather items for their peers who are currently in difficult life circumstances. Throughout this last year girls learned self-defense, nutrition and cooking skills. They learned to love and support each other as sisters. Most importantly, they learned that they too have the ability to achieve their dreams. These girls are finding their worth to society, their confidence, and their voice!  1432744099530

There is no doubt in my mind that what we are doing in One Girl at a Time Program is both life-changing and is helping create our women leaders of our future.  Together we can come together in love, compassion, and support!  Together we can make a difference!   Again, thanks to all those who helped make it happen!

Deb Myers

National Director of One Girl at a Time Program & President of Women Like Us Foundation

Edited By: Sommer Bannan


To learn more, visit our website at http://www.womenlikeusfoundation.org

Indiana One Girl Program –Love our girls!

WLUF Announces it’s 2013 Campaign   

Girls Are Worth It!

Women Like Us Foundation’s One Girl at a Time Program encourages, empowers and engages young women through workshops and programs that support healthy self-esteem, education, and strategies for living their best lives.

Why Girls?

By helping to shape confident, informed young women we help them to take a path in spiceworkshoptheir lives that is both productive and healthy. We redirect negativity and non-opportunity and give them choices on achieving their personal and professional goals, recognizing their importance in society, the home and in leadership.

Did you know?

*  81% of 10-year-old girls are afraid of being fat.

*  A girl is bullied every 7 minutes in the schoolyard, playground, stairwell, classroom or bathroom.

*  Girls are more likely than boys to be victims of cyber bullying.

*  One out of four college-age women have an eating disorder.

*  Suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents and teenagers.

*   1 in 3 girls between the ages of 16 and 18 say sex is expected for people their age if they’re in a relationship.

*  3 out of 4 girls say they feel pressure to be “super girls”.

*  1 in 5 high school girls say they do not know three adults of whom to turn if they have a problem.

How do you get involved?

Attend our event 

If you are an organization in support of teen girls, we would love to collaborate with you.  Contact Deb Myers.

Support the girls of our community by:

·         Volunteer to be a part of our year long workshops and events

·         Donate dollars to our One Girl at a Time Program

·      Become a sponsor or mentor of a girl

·      Become a corporate sponsor of Women Like Us Foundation


Confidence Coalition, Girls, Inc, Girl Scouts, Geena Davis Institute

Celebrities show up in support of One Girl at a Time Program in Hollywood!



Celebrities Come Out to

Pre-LAFW Launch Party

In Support Of The Women Like Us Foundation


WLUF board member Sally Colon, CEO Linda Rendleman and International Spokesperson Catt Sadler at the event supporting One Girl at a Time.


President Xochitl Medina (left) and volunteers of our Hollywood effort supporting teen girls.

(Hollywood, CA).-  On March 8th, Women Like Us Foundation Hollywood kicked off LA Fashion Week with a red carpet charity fundraiser in collaboration with Scrapbook Clothing and XOCHI LOS ANGELES benefiting the Women Like Us Hollywood One Girl At A Time™ mentoring program.  The red-carpet event was held at Lexington Social House’s outdoor patio, located at the at 1718 Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90027.

Celebrity guests include Catt Sadler (E! News), Ali Landry (Actress), Allie Gonino (The Lying Game), Bob Guiney (ABC’s The Bachelor), Brando Eaton (Showtime’s Dexter), Caitlin O’Connor (Actress), Chelsea Autumn (Millionaire Matchmaker), Daphne Wayans (VH1’s Hollywood Exes), Dave Styles (KIIS FM Personality), Diego Val (The Voice), Emily Loftiss (TV Personality), Francesca Eastwood (Socialite), Jaclyn Betham (Actress), Jasmine V. (Epic Records), Jen Lilley (The Artist, General Hospital), Jessica Hall (TV Personality), Kaitlyn Dever (Last Man Standing), Kaitlyn Jenkins (Bunheads), Kelly Thiebaud (General Hospital), Larry Davis (Akonic Entertainment), Lauren Elaine (Fashion Designer), Malana Lea (Olympus Has Fallen), Manny Streetz (KIIS FM Personality) Marisa Lauren (CW’s 90210), Natalie Getz (ABC’s Bachelor Pad), Nickie Lum Davis (Akonic Entertainment), Sarah Hackett (Recording Artist) Sarah Rafferty (Suits), Sophie Tweed-Simmons (Gene Simmons Family Jewels), Stefanie Seifer (TV Personality), Stuart Brazell (TV Personality), Tiffany Haddish (BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood), Tinsel Korey (The Twilight Saga), Trevin Hunte (The Voice), Valerie Azlynn (Sullivan and Son), Xochitl Medina (Fashion Designer), Kelis (Musican Artist), Norman Ka Lee (Essence’s most eligible bachelors)

More than 150 guests gathered to support the Women Like Us Foundation Hollywood and enjoyed music, food, and fashion. The rain did not stop anyone from coming. E! News host and Women Like Us Foundation Hollywood President, Catt Sadler was in attendance to walk the red carpet, and guests will had the opportunity to enjoy tray passed hors devours, champagne, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and fantastic over the should t-shirt material XOCHI gift bags.

Funds for the One Girl at a Time™ Program were raised via donations and volunteers signed up to support the cause through working directly with the girls.

Special thanks to all the guests, vendors, and volunteer’s for making this happen.

See pictures of all the celebrities supporting Women Like Us Foundation.




Indianapolis One Girl Program Awards

One Girl Award Program

One of the goals for Women Like Us Foundation is to raise funds for enrichment scholarships for girls. The scholarship would includes a mentoring program and a short-term international humanitarian trip.

Women Like Us Foundation acknowledges the need for better prepared and educated youth within our own communities. Through this program, these high school girls can become our partners and serve as future committed and engaged women in making a substantial difference in all of our futures. These participants will also realize that they can be good will ambassadors for the United States, while becoming culturally literate of the world in which they live.

We’re Proud to Announce the 2012 Women Like Us Foundation One Girl at a Time Award Recipients


    Cecilia Dominguez is a junior at North Central High School in Indianapolis.  This lovely girl  was born in Zacupana, Mexico, and immigrated with her family to the United States as a young child.  She is the youngest child in her family and will be the first person in her family to graduate high school.  She is a member of North Central’s Bridge program, a cohort for students who have learned English as a new language.  She helps freshmen and sophomore English language learners with transitioning to high school and study skills.   She has been active in several community service activities:  Gleaners’ Food Bank, Goodwill, and helping with water stations at several marathons in Indianapolis.  Cecilia participates in intramural coed soccer at North Central.  She maintains a high GPA and has earned several awards from her teachers in leadership, pride, and student of the month.  Outside of school, she frequently volunteers to babysit for children of friends and family.

Kierra Washington  is a junior at North Central High School in Indianapolis. Kierra’s personality lights up the room and her kindness shines through. She participates in the ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering) Program after school.  Local volunteer professional engineers and architects work with students who aspire to enter those professions on a project that will benefit the community.  This year, students are working on a landscape project for the new area at Riley Hospital for Children.  Kierra has an excellent GPA, is a driven student and has been awarded student of the month in several classes. She is an aggressive learner and is constantly striving for excellence. Outside of school, Kierra is responsible for watching her three younger siblings after school.

  Aubree Bowen is a junior at Richmond High School. She currently participate in two student-led peer mentoring programs at Richmond High School: Peer Helpers and the Kick-Off Mentor Program.  Here she has accumulated 90 hours of training in interpersonal communication skills and teenage crisis issues, using these skills to help other teens help themselves with problems such as peer pressure, bullying, and self-esteem.  Aubree volunteers with her church twice a month at a local soup kitchen, an experience that she says has “taught her how genuine people really are.”  Her commitment to volunteer work is also highlighted through the many community events that she participates in as an RHS cheerleader. She also maintains an excellent GPA. She is a very genuine beautiful young woman.

Amber Whitehead is a friendly glowing young woman who set a high example of all around excellence for young women in her school. She is a member in the Kick-Off Mentor program that provides opportunity to ease the transition to the high school for incoming freshmen.  Amber, a council member for this student-led program, is in charge of creating and implementing activities and mentor sessions, As if maintaining a high GPA and volunteering in school were not enough, Amber has found cause outside of Richmond High School to dedicate her energy to.   Inspired by her grandfather’s fight with cancer, Amber has spent the past several years raising money and participating in the local Relay for Life. She has been an active member of student council, helping with missions such as raising money for Riley Children’s Hospital and assisting local elementary schools with setting up their own student councils