Helping Girls Become Women Like Us

Women Like Us Foundation supports women’s leadership for Gender Equality and Social Justice in the areas of Sex Trafficking, Homelessness and Social Justice.  It is the purpose of our blogs to create awareness of the work of women and the impact they are making on the world.

Our Signature Program, One Girl at a Time™ has impacted over a thousand girls in the communities of Indianapolis and Los Angeles.  Through our annual conference, self-esteem building workshops, and important group discussions we have created awarenteengirlsess of issues that directly affect our girls today. Topics such as bullying, human trafficking, career resources and values clarification through TV and film portrayals of women and girls in partnership with Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media are a few of the topics addressed.  Humanitarian travel and service projects in their own communities teach girls the value of giving back. By investing in young women’s current and future lives we create confident, informed future mothers and leaders in the world and our communities. 

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