Leading Gracefully Towards Global Change

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Monique Tallon

Monique Tallon
Monique Tallon

Leading Gracefully Towards Global Change

There are great women doing great things in our world. The Women Like Us Foundation enjoys highlighting the people who are making a difference for women and Monique Tallon is one of them. She is the author of Leading Gracefully: A Woman’s Guide to Confident, Authentic and Effective Leadership.

Monique’s story began with her early success at a well-known technology company in Silicon Valley where she led large-scale conferences and events. Although the company CEO and her direct boss both were women, Monique struggled to find female role models who could mentor her into being a strong feminine leader.

Uncharted Territory

When her boss resigned, Monique volunteered to take over her role of running a 10,000 person conference, an event whose size and scope were beyond her experience. Despite her feelings of fear and overwhelm, during the first large team meeting with 20 executives in the room, she declared “I have never done something on this scale before and I need your help!”

To her surprise that moment of vulnerability, mixed with her strong vision for the event, led to everyone stepping into their responsibilities and contributing fully to make it one of the company’s most successful conferences ever. Using a less common leadership style that included trust, collaboration, and vulnerability, Monique experienced not only fruitful results but positive feedback on how easy it was to work with her.

A New Way

In using some of her innate feminine traits on that large project, Monique stumbled upon a new and exciting way of working as a feminine leader. Through that experience and some of her other business ventures, she created an approach for leading and living life that embraces feminine strengths, something that has been previously lost due to the masculine leadership paradigm that has found its way into our everyday interactions. As for what she means by feminine, Monique defines it as “the qualities invoked when using the word, such as vulnerability, empathy, humility, openness and collaboration.”

The Feminine Leadership Model (FLM) is a new roadmap for women, including stay at home moms, young adults, and those in the career world, offering an approach to a more inclusive leadership style that can be used in all aspects of life. The model also applies to those working for non-profit organizations. The Women Like Us Foundation is an ideal example of how this model can thrive. As more women lead in our world with the support of this new model, it allows the foundation to continue celebrating and creating awareness of women’s work on the planet, which in turn encourages more female leadership everywhere and allows for more global change to occur.

The model is comprised of seven feminine qualities: vision, vulnerability, care, intuition, empathy, collaboration, and humility and four masculine strengths: assertive, daring, resilient and direct. When used together, these qualities offer a more balanced approach to building high performing teams, healthy relationships and a purposeful life. Her book offers 15 powerful exercises that assist the reader in embracing and stepping more fully into these strengths.

The Future

Monique is now on a quest to redefine what power and leadership look like in our world. She supports women as they move into more open, receptive, vulnerable, and authentic roles to challenge unconscious biases and gender stereotypes in the corporate world and beyond.

The good news, as Monique shares in her book, is that our world is not only ready for this change but hungry for it. In a study called the Athena Doctrine, based on a global survey of 64,000 participants, 66% believed the world would be a better place if men thought more like women. And the leadership qualities the participants valued the most were feminine traits – patience, loyalty, empathy, and long-term thinking.

Her Words to Women

With these new possibilities in mind, Monique shared some of her hopes for young women today with me during an interview. Her message included “You can be and do anything you want. You’re beautiful and intelligent and you can make an impact. Tune out the world around you and connect with your inside world.” She also shared a declaration for adult women today by saying “You are more powerful than you can even imagine. Your power lies in your feminine qualities and abilities.”

Monique’s intention is to balance out the old leadership paradigm previously based on command and control and authoritative styles. She invites women and men to collaborate and partner together in this new vision and way of leading in our world. And she looks forward to a cultural change where leadership is more inclusive, collaborative, and empathetic to all of those involved and where each woman can lead gracefully. Leading Gracefully is available for purchase on Amazon, and you can learn more about Monique at http://www.moniquetallon.com


Blog author Molly Lyda, MA is a Life Coach and Therapist in Los Angeles, who supports women in finding balance and purpose in their lives through her program Intimacy 101: Create the Life You Want. She enjoys volunteering with the Women Like Us Foundation and working to make a difference in women’s lives. http://www.MollyLyda.com


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CEO and a founder of Women Like Us Foundation. Together...we're helping women change the world. We support women's charitable leadership and mentor teen girls to be future women like us. We are currently producing a documentary: Women Like Us. Three Journeys. One Mission. To Change the World.

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