Now Presenting: The Women Effect

Simply put, the first meeting of the Women Effect was a stellar success. Women from all over the greater Indianapolis community joined together for one purpose and one purpose alone: to lift up women everywhere and help them change the world.

To start the night off, our very own Founder and CEO Linda Rendelmen explained the new and improved mission and focus of Women Like Us. The mission really perfected the idea WLU stands behind of bringing like minds together to move women and the world forward. Up next was none other than our President Deb Myers who eloquently discussed the future of Women Like Us. She especially explained the path that our growing teen program, One Girl At A Time, will be taking in upcoming months.

After the core of Women Like Us was explained to all, the Women Effect really took hold. By bringing hardworking, world changing women from all walks of life together, there really is no limit to the things the Women Effect can achieve. The Women Effect realizes the potential of every woman and provides the opportunities to make their dreams a reality. By the time the event was over, everyone believed in the truth of these words. One attendee even had this to say: ““The fact the WLUF finds women who need our support makes it a no brainer for me to join and start being a part of a great world”.

Have you been wanting to get involved in your community, just waiting for the right opportunity? Wait no more. One friend had this to say: “I’ve wanted to find a way to give back in my community. I’m excited to be a part of the Women Effect”.


The Women Effect is a Women Like Us program, but it is also so much more than that. It is an outlet for women, like you and me, to gain support from other aspiring, strong women. The Women Effect is an opportunity to bring together the strengths of many to change the world every day.

One thought on “Now Presenting: The Women Effect

  1. I believe the greatest privilege is working for Women’s Empowerment. Women’s Leadership is a greatest gift from God. All I dream for is continuous work for Women’s Rights. Every wish and each dream of a Lady is a right to be implemented in the very souls of every being on this planet. I feel greatest privilege and self worth growth as I every day learn of God’s gift in Feminism. I believe Women are greatest leaders, teachers, greatest when seeking inspiration, learning from Women is breath taking and takes my life aback. Every step backwards is a new lesson thriving within me. Motivation is highest when studying Women Studies. I thank Everyone at Women Like Us Foundation, You have changed my life and I wish for nothing more but study Your works.

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