One Girl At A Time, Costa Rica, and Lives Changed

The opportunity to travel abroad should always be embraced. It is the experience of a lifetime not just because of the memories you create and the places you see, but because of the person you become. You grow, develop a world view, and encourage an open mind. Experiencing new cultures, perspectives, and opinions opens realms of possibilities otherwise left unchecked. The opportunity to give back to society, no matter the geographical location, should be applauded.

For all of these reasons, the  humanitarian trip is vitally important to the One Girl At A Time program. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I shall let the following pictures reveal the true value of traveling abroad.


The children at the El Yue community center welcome the girls. Here, the children have access to a quality education and are learning English in order to enhance their opportunities for the future. The girls were able to experience first hand the importance of an education and what it means to teach another human being.


Alejandra enjoys a kodak moment with the kids after teaching them math.


Yasmin and Brandon take a break from discussing the benefits of volunteering for the Peace Corps


The tye-dye activity was a huge success and fun for all!


The Samasati Nature Retreat is tucked up in the Mountains and Rain Forest of Costa Rica in a villahe called Hone Creek.

The trip has a focus on self-discovery and empowerment. Don’t take our word for it! Listen to what Ashley had to say:

This has been the most amazing week in my life. I am going home understanding so much more about life and who I am”

Encourage. Empower. Engage

One thought on “One Girl At A Time, Costa Rica, and Lives Changed

  1. Recently I was speaking to a group about our One Girl at a Time Program. A gentleman stood up to make the point that though he knew that our program is very necessary, life changing, and important, especially today with media driving standards for girls to follow. However, his question was…”Doesn’t it all start at home?” Unfortunately, many girls come from great parents and still feel swayed by the pressures of society. Even young women from great parents fall prey to eating disorders, bullying, and socially driven standards. Yes, I said. It does start at home. You as parents. You as a man can set the standards for men to follow. Of course we as women need to set and example and standards for women. But, how powerful would it be to have more and more dads treating their wives, daughters, and co workers with eguality and respect. If they raise there daughters saying you are beautiful, amazing and can do anything it will ripple across as an example for us all. If our sons see fathers who love and honor women we raise boys and girls who honor men as well as women.

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