International Reach

Women Like Us understands the importance of domestic service. Our fight against Human Trafficking here in the United States and our local One Girl At A Time Programs attest to our domestic compassion. Yet, our goals and hearts extend so much further. Although the home front is a nobel cause, we understand the importance of international friendship and respect. We are all human, therefore if we have the capacity to help we have a duty to each other as humans to do so. 

Our programs have reached lives from areas all over the globe including South America, Africa, and India. The El Yue Women’s Center in Costa Rica was developed by local women and provides education and nourishment to families through the library and sustainable garden. Women Like Us continues to support these strong women and their valiant cause by donating books, computers, and funds for English teachers. In India, Women Like Us has raised funds to benefit Ramana’s Garden Orphanage. The orphanage is a multi-faceted center designed to improve the lives of children and their families. While working alongside the orphanage, we have been able to provide a girl’s dormitory, educational and health programs, books and computers. Lastly, Africa is home to two programs that WLU has supported: Shanti Uganda Birthing Center and N A Noel Preschool. With the help of 20 dedicated women, we were able to raise $15,000 that helped provide all the necessary medical tools to run the center. The N A Noel School is dedicated to proving quality education to the local communities. In June 2014, Women Like Us will be traveling to the pre school for 12 days to volunteer and provide assistance where needed

It is clear that the heart of Women Like Us Foundation is not just improving the lives of young girls and women, but also supporting women in their efforts to reach their goals and make the world a better place. Through domestic and international relations, Women Like Us can change the course of history.

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